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As Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Toronto, I study new ways of understanding how migration and global inequalities intersect and affect immigrants, particularly those coming from Muslim-majority countries to the West. My book, Here, There, and Elsewhere: The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalized World (Stanford UP 2020), is the recipient of several prestigious awards, namely the American Sociological Association's 2021 Thomas and Znaniecki Book Award from the International Migration Section, the 2021 Distinguished Book Award from the Sociology of Religion Section, and the 2021 Asian America Book Award from the Asia and Asian America Section. My book is also the winner of the 2021 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the Pacific Sociological Association. Other recognitions I won for my research include the 2021 Early Career Investigator Award from the Canadian Sociological Association, an Honorable Mention for Best Article from the Global and Transnational Sociology section of the American Sociological Association, and a Dean's Excellence Award from the University of Toronto. My work has been adopted in over a dozen courses in U.S. and Canadian universities. And I have given invited talks in over 20 university venues in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. As Principal Investigator, I have secured consistent funding for my research through competitive grants and awards in both Canada and the U.S. My current project, Race, Religion, and Romance is funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant and a Connaught New Researcher Award. I received my PhD from UCLA in 2018. My work appears in both media and policy sectors.