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"This brilliantly argued, beautifully written book pushes migration studies in an entirely new direction. An important work, yielding lessons for both scholars and students to savor and ponder." 

      --Roger Waldinger, University of California, Los Angeles

This is a tour de force that combines nuanced ethnography with multi-sited historical analysis. The surprising centrality of 'elsewheres' in the lives of migrants is a breakthrough insight in migration studies."

              --David FitzGerald, author of Refuge Beyond Reach

"In this book, Tahseen Shams challenges the adequacy of the homeland/hostland approach, advancing our approach for understanding migration, resettlement, and transnational phenomena."

                            --Steven J. Gold, Michigan State University

Stanford University Press 2020. Click image to purchase.

Virtual Book Launch:

September 10, 1pm ET

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October 7 -- Harvard University

November 5 -- University of California, Riverside

November 25 -- University of Toronto

December 4 -- McGill University